"Mark and Mandy are a great team who understand and deliver this approach fantastically. I really enjoyed the training day, felt very comfortable to ask questions as they immediately put me at ease. I feel so much more confident to handle children should I have to."

Beverly Baker, Elite Training Group, Burton on Trent

React UK is a friendly, family based team who are highly competent, committed and experienced.

Mark Reather

Lead Trainer & Company Director


Specialist areas:

Safeguarding, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Conflict Resolution, Physical Intervention and the Law, Understanding and managing anger and aggression, Breakaway & Disengagement skills


Telephone number

01924 891080

M: 07581 562669


Mark Reather is a Director and lead trainer of React UK.


Marks journey in Personal Safety Training first started over 20 years ago when he was an innocent victim of a serious assault by a group of around eight men one evening.  Following this assault, which had a physiological and psychological effect, Mark decided to pursue Martial Arts in order to better protect himself from personal harm in the future. 


Mark studied the Martial Arts of Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Wado Ryu Karate and Kickboxing.  After much training, Mark became a Blackbelt in Wado Ryu Karate and Kickboxing.  Mark set up his own Martial Arts cluband in little over 2 years, Freespirit Martial Arts celebrated its 150th student joining the club.


In 2013, West Yorkshire Police approached Mark to teach ‘Ladies only Self Defence Classes’ on their behalf. These were hugely successful and were featured favourably by the media.  Through running these classes, Mark had the opportunity to help many women in terms of their own personal safety.


In 2014, Mark expanded his expertise further into the education sector. He taught pupils personal safety and simple self-defence techniques in several schools which was extremely well received with Head teachers, Governors and parents.  Through instructing in these classes, Mark quickly became more and more interested in the law relating to the use of reasonable force and to answer the question, ‘What is reasonable force and when would I be justified to use it?’


Mark decided to train as a Self Defence and Physical Skills Instructor with the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) under the guidance of Director, Mark Dawes. Mark is a fully qualified BTEC Advanced Physical Skills Instructor and has BTEC qualifications in Law and Risk Management, Conflict Management, Physical Restraint, Physical Intervention, Positive Handling, Breakaway and Disengagement and a strategic Audit Risk Assessor.


Early 2015 Mark set up React UK Training which offers training solutions relating to Conflict Management, Physical Skills Training and Dynamic Risk Assessment and Audits.


Mandy Reather

Company Director & Lead Instructor


Specialist areas:

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour, Positive Handling in Schools, Staff Wellbeing, Conflict Resolution, Safeguarding, Risk Assessment, Complying with DfE Guidance


Telephone number

01924 891080

M: 07581 562669


Mandy has over twenty years experience in education, culminating in Headship for seven years. She has worked in a range of schools, mainly those serving areas of significant social deprivation. Mandy has a wealth of knowledge and skill in supporting pupils with complex behaviour issues and successfully coaches staff into using de-escalation strategies to reduce aggression and anger in the classroom.  


She is passionate in her belief that it is a privilege to support and nurture children and young people, but is realistic in her understanding that this is an extremely challenging job for school practitioners. Mandy recognises and empathises with the pressures put on school staff to ensure a high quality of behaviour from all pupils and the pressure that disruptive behaviour creates. Her strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour have been recognised as being ‘Highly Relevant,’ ‘Effective’ and ‘Positive.’ In addition, Mandy has a wealth of first hand experience of Conflict Resolution dealing with a wide variety of stakeholders on a day to day basis. These skills are readily transferable across all sectors of work.


Mandy is a fully qualified Advanced Physical Skills Instructor and has qualifications in Conflict Management, Positive Handling, Breakaway & Disengagement. She is a Risk Assessment specialist and ensures full compliance with DfE Guidance.


In their spare time, Mark and Mandy enjoy spending time with their son George and lively dachshund Frank! They enjoy travelling, spending time outdoors and enjoying life.



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