"Mark and Mandy are a great team who understand and deliver this approach fantastically. I really enjoyed the training day, felt very comfortable to ask questions as they immediately put me at ease. I feel so much more confident to handle children should I have to."

Beverly Baker, Elite Training Group, Burton on Trent

React UK is a friendly, family based team who are highly competent, committed and experienced.

Mandy Reather

Director & Lead Instructor


Specialist areas:

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour, Conflict Resolution, Physical Intervention and Restrictive Physical Intervention (Positive Handling), Staff Well-Being Consultant, Risk Assessor and Advanced Level Safeguarding Consultant.


Telephone number

01924 891080

M: 07581 562669


Mandy has over twenty five years experience in education across all phases, culminating in Headship for eight years. She has worked in a range of schools, mainly those serving areas of significant social deprivation. Mandy has a wealth of knowledge and skill in supporting pupils with complex behaviour issues and successfully coaches staff into using effective de-escalation strategies to reduce aggression and anger in the classroom.  


She is passionate in her belief that it is a privilege to support and nurture children and young people, but is realistic in her understanding that this is an extremely challenging job for school practitioners. Mandy recognises and empathises with the pressures put on school staff to ensure a high quality of behaviour from all pupils and the pressure that disruptive behaviour creates. Her strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour have been recognised as being ‘Highly Relevant,’ ‘Effective’ and ‘Positive.’ In addition, Mandy has a wealth of first hand experience of Conflict Resolution dealing with a wide variety of stakeholders on a day to day basis. These skills are readily transferable across all sectors of work.


Mandy is a fully qualified Advanced Physical Skills Instructor and has qualifications in Conflict Management, Positive Handling, Breakaway & Disengagement. She is a Risk Assessment specialist and ensures full compliance with DfE Guidance.


Mark Reather

Lead Trainer & Director


Specialist areas:



Legal Consultant (Education and Care Sectors) Conflict Resolution and De-escalation, Neuroscience in association with the management of anger, aggression and volence, Child Trauma and Mental Health Practitioner (pending), Physical Intervention and Restrictive Physical Intervention (Positive Handling), Breakaway & Disengagement Specialist, Risk Assessor and Advanced Level Safeguarding Consultant.



Telephone number

01924 891080

M: 07581 562669


Mark Reather is a Director and lead trainer of React UK.


Mark has worked in children’s services for over ten years working with children with varying emotional and mental health issues and learning disabilities.  Mark is also currently training as a Child Trauma and Mental Health Practitioner under the guidance of Dr Margot Sunderland at The Institute of Arts, Therapy and Education and the University of East London.  This training will further help to disseminate a deeper understanding of emotional and physical outbursts, better ways to intervene and reduce the need for restrictive physical interventions. This in turn could help to prevent any further psychological and physical trauma for these vulnerable children.


The underpinning part of all React UK and School Positive Handling Training courses is the Legal Briefing.  This module is fundamental to enable Headteachers, Principals, Care Sector Directors/Managers, Senior Leadership Teams and staff members to understand the Laws that govern any use of force in the UK. 

From the key legislation (The Criminal Law Act, The Education Acts, Human Rights Act, Health and Safety at Work Act), Common Law and Guidance (DfE, CQC) Mark delivers a comprehensive overview to install confidence to all staff in relation to their legal rights and lawful responsibilities and clarifies their true ‘Duty of Care’.  This module helps reduce both criminal and civil challenges that may arise from staff making uneducated decisions in the workplace.


Mark is fully aware that there will always be a need to have staff that have been identified, through previous Risk Assessments, trained to deal with reactive and foreseeable physical challenges in schools and care settings.  Mark is a Specialist Physical Intervention and Personal Safety Consultant in Breakaway and Disengagement, and Physical Restraint.


All React UK and School Positive Handling physical intervention techniques have been medically assessed by Dr Tony Bleetman and Bradley Thomas Allen our Consultant Physiotherapist from the University of Huddersfield. This ensures that we the techniques we teach to our delegates, are the safest ones available. As an active campaigner against single person restrictive practices and any technique where pressure is applied to the body, Mark is passionate in educating colleagues to the higher elevated risks associated with impact factors and positional asphyxia.  All React UK and School Positive Handling Training courses are delivered in relation to the scientific findings from Dr John Parkes and Coventry University.


Mark and Mandy have a son who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder with an additional learning disorder so are used to practicing the skills they teach on a daily basis.  They are extremely passionate in not only understanding challenging behaviour but also working with other professionals in reducing the need for restrictive physical interventions with children.  Reducing the need for restrictive physical intervention is not only the forefront of Mark & Mandy’s thinking, but forms the ethos and mantra of React UK and School Positive Handling… ‘A Safer Way for Everyone’.

In their spare time, Mark and Mandy enjoy spending time with their son George and lively dachshund Frank! They enjoy travelling, spending time outdoors and enjoying life.



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