Positive Handling in the Care Sector

(One Day Course)

At some point, care sector staff may be involved in physically handling, assisting or holding a service user. React UK Training can provide the clarity, confidence and competence in dealing with thiis this aspect of the job role.


Do you and your staff fully understand their rights and responsibilities when using positive handling with a service user?

How can the need for using reasonable force be minimised?
When is it appropriate and acceptable to use force?  

Are legally compliant holds being used in your setting?
What are the essential policies and procedures needed in your setting? 

How can we reduce risks of asphyxation?

Is bruising an indication of malpractice?

React UK can help you answer all these questions

By attending the React UK Certificate in Positive Handling in the care sector training, your employees will be able to:

  • Understand the requirements of the Common & Criminal Law with regard to the physical restraint of the elderly along with relevant sections of the Human Rights Act 1998;
  • Examine the requirements of Health & safety statute and associated regulations and show how they apply to physical restraint in care settings;
  • Understand ‘Reasonable Force’ in relation to physical restraint in care settings;
  • Evaluate the risk of positional asphyxia and other risks associated with physical restraint and how to minimise those risks;
  • Differentiate between holding, escorting and restraining including non-harmful seated restraint techniques and how to apply them;
  • Learn how to calmly apply the appropriate and effective physical skills competently for the purpose of controlling and restraining violent behaviour compliant with Coroners recommendations;
  • Demonstrate and explain how to gradually de-escalate and relax restraint to allow the subject being restrained to regain self-control;
  • Explore possibilities when it may be necessary to use a more restrictive technique consistent with the principles of Reasonable Force, Health and Safety statute and the Human Rights Act;
  • Understand how to document any use of force on a legally compliant form.

What do you get with our Positive Handling Courses?

  • Exactly what you need – choose from our extensive menu of training courses or speak to us and we can design a bespoke course fully suited for you and your staff’s needs.
  • Legal compliance – all our courses are designed to meet current legal requirements and our staff stay abreast of current thinking and research in the field of personal safety training.
  • Reassurance that you have provided the essential training for your staff
  • Nationwide, on-site training – we come to you so that your staff feel comfortable and safe in their own environment

  • Ongoing support~ our training lasts for the duration of your certification (two years) and delegates can contact us in confidence during this time for any further advice.

  • Copies of all the documents referred to, a course handbook and copies of the risk assessments for all the Positive Handling techniques.

  • National accreditation from Edexcel offering you BTEC awards

Why should you use React UK for your Positive Handling Course?

  • You get a free initial consultation – you tell us what you need and we recommend the training to help you achieve it.
  • You have peace of mind – we’re a family based business who put customer care at the top of our priorities.
  • You get a flexible response – we take your requests for last minute changes, top-up training, changes of venue and unusual requirements in our stride!
  • You can afford us – we may be expert but we’re also realistic. We know you have a budget to stick to so we provide you with training that’s not only highly effective but also very good value.


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